What could have happened had he not been there ...

This is a story about life and death and how a quick-thinking hero can save the day and the lives of children. The world needs such people in this day and age.


Anthony Omari, the custodian of the Faraja Children's Home in Ngong, Kenya, had been taking care of children for years. This initiative began in 2005, in Kibera, the second largest slum in Africa. Omari's mother, known simply as ''Momma,'' was responsible for the running of  the home  and her dedicated and selfless son Anthony also lived on site, helping each child and ensuring they all had a bed, some warm food, education, or medical help if needed. Anthony was the only adult living on site, meaning he was also responsible for the safety of the 37 children living there.


Omari knew that this last job would be the most important. Conditions were austere at the orphanage, but because it raised its own chicken and produced its own vegetables for nourishment, armed thugs made the house a frequent target. On the night of January 23, 2012, however, this one attack changed everything.


Anthony Omari had fended off intruders the previous two nights, chasing them out with a hammer and hitting one during their escape. Things must have gotten personal: "The following night, the three thugs returned, presumably to avenge their friend.'' Omari abruptly  awakened to find three Kenyan men standing over him, holding machetes. He knew he had to act quickly.


Omari  was better prepared this time. He reached under his bed and grabbed a hammer, beating back the three thugs with machetes, screaming to scare them off and warn the children. After driving the thugs outside, Omari ran back to the orphanage to calm the children. That is when he turned around and was hit square in the forehead with a machete.