A fairy tale

Gemma Swift is a young woman from the United Kingdom who, because of her appearance, has been a victim of bullying since childhood. However, one day she decided to go on a TV show to confront her harassers. She had no idea that the worst was yet to come.

When she was just six years old, Gemma suffered severe damage to her front teeth when she smashed her face against a lamppost. Sadly, her parents didn’t have enough money to pay for treatments. The situation only became worse while she was growing up. She spent her entire adolescence completely disfigured, her two front teeth protruding from her mouth. People judged her on appearance rather than personality, and she received all kinds of insults from her classmates. The harassment was so great, that Gemma decided to do homeschooling.

You can watch the moving story here:

As a young woman, her first boyfriends would also make fun of her. The ex-girlfriend of one of her boyfriends even started bullying her to the point where Gemma feared for her life. That was the reason why she later went on the Jeremy Kyle show: to testify and speak out about the immense torment she suffered on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, instead of making things better, which is what the show intended to do, there was some horrific backlash. Gemma was ridiculed on Twitter the day after the show aired. Jeremy Kyle, the host of the show, wanted to check in with Gemma after these online attacks, but she felt so down that she didn’t dare go outside anymore, and consequently fell into a state of depression.

To make this alarming situation better, Jeremy did something incredible. He sent somebody to Gemma's home in order to share some news. When the man knocked on her door, she didn’t know what to expect. He sat with Gemma and asked her to explain everything that had happened after the show. Gemma bravely told him what she had endured, letting him know that the cruelty of some people had led to her breakdown.

The man had some some very good news: he told her that the show, as part as their aftercare service, was going to pay for the surgery that she was never able to afford. Gemma burst into tears. She couldn't believe it: it was a real-life fairy tale.

Gemma's dental surgeon was very reassuring. The impressive operation was performed quickly, and without any anaesthetics.

Even more impressive was that the entire operation was broadcasted live on TV! The young woman was unrecognizable when it was all over. Viewers saw a woman with amazing teeth, whose life was forever changed.