Against all odds

David and Joi Rawitch from Missouri lived a happy life. They already had a beautiful daughter and were expecting their second child, a boy they would name Andrew. But one day, while the couple were driving in their car, Joi was struck with a premonition that hit her like a bolt of lightning.

She could sense that something was wrong with her unborn child but didn't know exactly what it is. It was simply a feeling, a maternal instinct. When Joi told her husband about this premonition, he passed it off as paranoia. But Joi was convinced that there was something to it and told her doctor. He too didn't see any need to worry — according to all the checkups so far, the fetus was perfectly healthy.

You can watch the story of his wonderfully amazing recovery in this video:

When Joi went into labor, she was nervous, just as any woman would be under the circumstances. But Joi's anxiety ran deeper — she was convinced something would be wrong with her baby. So when the delivery was over and she was finally able to hold her child in her arms, she was extremely relieved to see that everything looked fine. And after a quick examination, the doctors confirmed that she and David were the proud parents of a healthy baby boy.

But just when it seemed that Joi's premonition had been wrong, an hour after the birth she was struck with the same unnerving feeling once more. As the fear shot through her, she looked over to the basinet where her newborn son lay and noticed him staring into space with a vacant look in his eyes. Panicked, Joi called for a nurse. But when she arrived and looked into the basinet, she couldn't hide her shock.

The nurse could clearly see that the baby's skin was turning grey! As the minutes ticked by, his skin got darker and darker until it appeared almost black. The nurse and mother watched in horror as the helpless infant struggled for air and then stopped breathing. He was rushed to intensive care and resuscitated once, then twice, then a third time... This continued for hours with medical staff frantically trying to keep the baby alive. In the end, little Andrew was resuscitated a total of 14 times!

Joi immediately realized that her premonition had been right all along and was devastated when she found out the truth: “When I saw the results of the MRI, and you could really tell that something was wrong. There was a big void there. Instead of a part of a brain there, there was fluid.”