What the heck!?

Comedian and late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel doesn't miss an opportunity to play practical jokes, especially on his aunt Chippy.

When Jimmy's cousin Micki got pregnant he took the chance again to give Aunt Chippy a special surprise. Chippy is Micki's mother and she'd never seen an ultrasound so she had no idea what to expect when she accompanied Micki into the exam room. Then when she looked up at the image on the monitor she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

The "doctor" comes in at 2:30...

First Chippy was annoyed when Jimmy and her son-in-law burst into the room and she realized she'd been tricked. But her anger was quashed pretty quickly by her joy over her coming grandchild. What a wickedly funny surprise! Whatever Chippy was expecting from an ultrasound, that was definitely not it!