Not a movie! This guy's for real

Some kids grow up thinking of their parents as heroes, but it’s a special family that gets to confirm it as fact!

Eddie Peoples was at the bank with his two children, four and six. Suddenly a man entered with a pistol, shouting to everyone that it was a hold-up. He demanded cash from the tellers, threatening clients that he’d kill them if they moved. A surveillance camera recorded the proceedings. You won't believe how cool-as-a-cucumber Eddie reacts:

Little did the robber know, Eddie was not your average bank client. He’s a soldier with five tours in the Middle East behind him and was home on leave. So as you can imagine, what happened next was not according to plan. At least, the robber’s plan.

First Eddie told his children to sit under the chairs and shoved other furniture in front of them to protect them in case the thief really started shooting. You already have to have nerves of steel to get that done while a gun is pointed at you. But it didn’t end there.

As the criminal left with the cash, Eddie — or, rather Staff Sergeant Peoples! — followed him calmly into the parking lot. If only we had footage of this scene! He jumped into his own car and sped over to the robber, who got out of his own car and pointed his gun at Eddie’s head.

Here, years of military training and experience paid off. Where most of us would’ve quickly given up, Eddie managed in a few quick moves to disarm the guy and pin him to the ground. Then in the weirdest twist of all, he figured out that the gun was a toy!

Meanwhile, the people inside the bank had called the police and shortly officers rushed to the scene. They apprehended the robber and Eddie returned to get his kids. As he entered, the crowd stood and applauded, giving him a much deserved ovation.

Eddie explained later that he was motivated by anger that someone would threaten his children. He simply couldn’t stand by and allow it. It sounds like a movie, but Eddie’s an actual hero with the courage to match.

Watch the thrilling, adorable (the kids!), and very entertaining TV interview he did later to hear how it all went down. (This guy is the real deal.)