Pranshu was born in Jalandhar in the State of Punjab, India. He comes from a modest family and has four siblings. His father, Kamlesh, earns about five dollars a day.

But Pranshu is no ordinary boy. In fact, he's actually quite famous. That's because — at least according to the people of his hometown — he's a god! Pranshu was born with a condition that caused his forehead to swell, leaving him with deep-set, narrow eyes. And it's this appearance that has led locals to believe that he is much more than just a typical kid.

You can watch Pranshu's touching story here in this video:

The unfortunate reality is that most children born with facial deformities suffer rejection, sometimes even from them own families. But Pranshu's unique face led to exactly the opposite reaction.

From a very early age people began to notice that Pranshu bore a striking resemblance to Ganesha, a Hindu God with the head of an elephant.

When the boy was just one year old, his parents took him to the doctor to find out why his face was forming in such an irregular way. But after a series of tests they were still not able to determine exactly what had caused it. The doctors assumed that Pranshu had been exposed to some form of pollution that caused the birth defect, which has also affected other parts of his body, preventing him from being able to walk properly.

Pranshu, however, does not seem bothered by this and certainly makes the best of his situation.

Today, at age six, Pranshu is very proud of his appearance and would not want to be any different. "It makes me happy and I don’t want to change anything. I love my big head."

Pranshu's contentment with his appearance probably has something to do with the fact that the other people in his community accept him — in fact, they're in awe of him. Many truly believe that he is the reincarnation of Ganesha and are honored to bow before him and have their heads touched by this little "deity." Every day, Pranshu takes his place on the street and blesses all of those who come to visit him.

Pranshu's father is also convinced that his son is a god: "I worship him too... His entire body looks like Ganesha. He blesses everybody and all their wishes come true. At school, people welcome him with flowers every day."

Every morning, Pranshu's father takes him to school on his bike. When he walks into the classroom, hunched over and waddling along, nobody laughs. "I look like Ganesha and people do not even know my real name. At school, teachers worship me too. My friends don't bully me at all because they believe I am Lord Ganesha," says Pranshu.