Everlasting love...

"Until death do us part" is very easy to say, but how often have couples professed this sentiment only to divorce a few years later? When Faustino Jacinto and Estefanía Rodríguez got married, however, they took this vow very seriously. The couple — from a small town called Villa del Carbón in Mexico — has been together ever since. And it's been a very, very long time.

When Faustino first laid eyes on Estefanía, it was love at first sight. He tried desperately to get her attention, but she was hesitant: "We began talking, I told her I'd like her as a wife, but she wouldn't answer," says Faustino. "I didn't know him," remembers Estefanía. But Faustino persevered and it finally paid off: a week later he "stole" Estefanía, as they say in Mexico when a couple elopes. It was 1932. Faustino was 18 years old, Estefanía was just 16.

If you understand Spanish, you can watch their incredible story in this video...

The story becomes even more romantic when, despite not having money, Faustino and Estefanía decided to marry in a civil ceremony. "What wedding could we have if I had no money whatsoever?" Faustino jokes. And since that day, incredible as it may seem, this adorable couple has not slept a single day apart. A quick calculation reveals the amazing fact that Faustino and Estefanía have shared their lives for 85 years!

The couple had 15 children, four of whom died. But the family has not stopped growing since then, and now they have 68 grandchildren, 114 great grandchildren and 21 great-great-grandchildren! Faustino will soon turn 103 and Estefanía 101. Despite the normal problems associated with aging, the couple is still in good health. Their secret to a happy and lasting marriage? Respect. "Faustino never gave me a bad word or had bad manners," said Estefanía proudly.

Faustino and Estefanía's relationship is so enviable! How many of us dream of having someone by our side who will love us until the end of our lives? Or at least for 85 years!