Four stars fighting over him ... has to be a pretty awesome feeling!

The Voice Australia contestant Harrison Craig had been plagued with a serious problem since he was a child: he has a pronounced stutter. As a result, he was mercilessly picked on in school.

But as devastating as that was for the young man's confidence and self-esteem, somewhere along the way he discovered his passion for singing. And as you'll see here, when he takes the stage, the judges are knocked off their seats for all the right reasons.

What a voice and an incredibly humble and fearless young man. It's no wonder these four A-listers were tripping over each other to offer to coach him. You won't be surprised to read that Harrison went on to win that season's competition. And his star has been on the rise ever since, with three of his songs reaching the Top 10 on the ARIA Singles Chart. This young man is an inspiration to all of those who others have tried to keep down. Now, what's stopping you from achieving your dreams?