A great initiative!

An interesting experiment is taking place in Mexico City’s subway system. To raise awareness about the sexual harassment that nine out of ten women in the city have apparently experienced, a group created a special seat in the shape of a nude man.

They set up a camera to capture people’s reactions to it:

Since most people don’t at first know why the seat is shaped that way, they're startled and skeptical. Some sit down only immediately to stand up again. Others can't even bring themselves to sit.

The plaque below the seat explains: if this feels uncomfortable, imagine what women feel every day in a place where harassment is a totally common experience.

Public transportation depends on a lot of public trust, and unfortunately there are still too many people who violate that trust by touching women, exposing themselves, or engaging in other forms of sexual harassment. Something as simple as taking the subway home from work becomes a nightmare for the women who’ve experienced these violations.

What an interesting way to get people’s attention and make them think about the issue differently! The more people are aware of the problem, the more willing they’ll be to speak up, defend the victims, stop the perpetrators, and end the horror of harassment