This is hard to watch

Dream for many kids may be a cuddly little bunny or (they are seriously adorable, no?) a fluffy chick.

To make them even more festive for the holiday, they are sometimes dyed bright colors before being sold. Although the dye is supposedly non-toxic, see for yourself what those cute little chicks have to go through in order to be the "perfect Easter present."

It's so disturbing watching those poor innocent creatures be manhandled as if they were just lifeless cotton balls. Unless you actually plan to raise chickens and are equipped to take care of them, it's much better to stick to sweets and crafts for the kids on Easter. Many animals given as holiday gifts end up being neglected. But in any case, there's simply no reason to support inhumane practices such as the one depicted in this video. At the end of the day, a chocolate Easter bunny should bring plenty of smiles!