He watches her the whole day...

Beatrice Leach is just two years old and has already undergone quite a bit in her short life. She was born seven weeks premature and shortly after turning just eight months old, she was diagnosed with a neurological disorder: cerebral palsy. This disorder seriously impairs the sufferer's movement and muscle coordination.

For this reason, Beatrice's everyday life is not easy: "She can't see well, she can't crawl, and she can't speak yet," says Beatrice's mom, Melody.

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It's particularly difficult for Beatrice and her mother to go shopping. She has to take the little one with her. For most kids this is a wonderful adventure, buying all kinds of fun items in the colorful store. But for Melody and Beatrice, it's nothing short of a nightmare.

"One of her hips is dislocated and so it's hard for her to sit in the shopping cart seat," explains Melody further. "She is already too big for her stroller, so I put her in a wheelchair when I take her to the store. I take a shopping basket in one hand while pushing her with the other hand."

"She often has cramps at the store. That happens pretty often when she has to do something strenuous, like sitting upright in a wheelchair." The last time Beatrice and her mom went shopping, Melody had to load some beverage crates into a shopping cart and lay Beatrice in between them. That was the only way to keep the girl safe and prevent her from falling out of the cart. Melody stored the groceries in the shelf underneath the shopping cart.

Sometimes it's simply not possible for Melody to take her daughter shopping with her, which complicates the situation further: the young family has to hire a nurse to take care of Melody so that the others can, at least, have some time to take care of other everyday matters. This unfortunately often makes shopping twice as expensive.

But one day Melody was approached by the manager of their local supermarket, a man named Mike Myers. He inquired about the nature of Beatrice's disorder, seeing how hard it is for her mother to shop at the supermarket.

"I have personal experience with one of my friends whose brother also suffers from cerebral palsy," explained Mike Myers.

Myers believes that anyone, regardless of whether they have a disability, should be able to shop at his store, and that no customer should be stressed while shopping. So he sent some emails to his the regional manager and chatted with some employees about the situation.