Please don't

Children are a blessing, but sometimes it doesn't feel that way. You tell them to do something once, twice... 50 times and they end up doing the opposite anyway. They can be clumsy, loud and careless — how are mothers and fathers supposed to keep their nerves intact?

Keeping your cool in these situations is one of life's toughest challenges and failure to do so can have some pretty drastic consequences...

1. Just as damaging as physical punishment

Parents probably think that the effects of spanking are much worse than yelling. But studies have shown that kids who are regularly yelled at exhibit the same psychological consequences as those who are subjected to physical punishment.

2. Heavy psychological consequences

Further studies have proved that regular put downs, insults and screaming can lead to depression in kids and teens. The resulting loss in confidence can also cause behavioral problems such as lying and stealing.

3. No learning effect

The only thing yelling and screaming at a child does is make that child feel worthless. Children's brains are still developing and are very vulnerable to all forms of violence. All kids have difficult phases and that's perfectly normal. The trick is to find a non-violent way of dealing with it when the time comes. In some cases, parents should also look at their own behavior to see if there's something they're doing to cause their child to act out. Take a minute or two to consider the causes and possible solutions... cooler heads prevail.

As the old saying goes, "kids are a handful" and dealing with them can put even the most patient person to the test. But aggression is never the right solution, no matter what the situation. Our little ones need a firm and guiding hand, but that doesn't include a shrill and angry voice. If we take a minute to catch our breath and deal with them in a calm and caring manner, we'll soon find that parenting can be a lot less nerve-wracking for everyone involved.