Shop, the right way

You probably know the scene: you're leaving the supermarket looking at your receipt and you realize, once again, that you've gone over your budget. You bought too much stuff that you didn't really need. It's hard to avoid this and other common mistakes at the grocery store. But these tips will help you pay closer attention:  


1.  New merchandise

It's useful to know when your supermarket gets deliveries of new goods. That way you'll get fresher groceries and have more choice.


2.  Save food from being thrown out

That thing about knowing when deliveries happen: it's not just to scavenge for the freshest food. Prior to the arrival of  new products, the old stuff is usually about to expire and gets put on sale before it has to be tossed. This offers a great opportunity to buy less expensive food before the expiration date.

And besides, even for awhile after that  date most food is still perfectly good.

Oh look. Cupcakes are on sale.

3.  Prepackaged veggies

Don't buy prepackaged fruits or vegetables where water has started to condense on the inside of the plastic wrapping. That's a sign that the produce isn't fresh anymore. You're better off picking out loose veggies.  


4.  Don't choose based on appearances alone

Appearances can be very deceiving with fruits and veggies, since they can be cultivated to look appealing without having any flavor. It's often better to smell fresh food for  an accurate idea of whether it's flavorful and fresh or not.  


5.  Shopping list

The supermarket is carefully designed to tempt you off course. They want you to buy more than you need, which is why it's always worth it to write out a grocery list and stick to it.