Seeing is believing!

When we think about muscles, we tend to think of biceps, triceps, abs and so on. But the fact is that our bodies have muscles all over the place, including the area around our eyes. And just like all the other muscles, these have to be kept in shape so that they continue to function properly as we get older. Wearing glasses helps to correct our vision, but they can also make our eye muscles lazy. The result of this is that they get continually weaker and the lenses we require get thicker.


But what most people don't know is that there are ways to exercise the eye muscles that can help to improve vision. If you only have minor vision problems and still don't wear glasses, you might actually be able to correct your vision in a very natural way.

1. Screen breaks

Give your eyes a break from looking at screens for at least two to three hours each day. Simply put down your smartphone, close your laptop, turn off the TV and give your eyes a rest.

2. Take off your glasses


Taking your glasses off and giving your eyes a challenge can help to strengthen your eye muscles. This exercise is only recommended for people with minor vision problems.

3. Eye massage

Give your eyes a daily massage along the points marked out in the following illustration:

4. Palming

Rub your palms together to warm them up, lay them on your eyes for 15 seconds, then take them off slowly.

5. Everyday eye relaxation

When watching TV, looking at your smartphone or working with a computer, look up and into the distance every once in a while to give your eyes a break.

6. Vitamin A  



Ever seen a rabbit with glasses? It's an old clich ©, but there is some truth to the idea that carrots can keep your eyes strong. That's because they're chock full of vitamin A, which is a vital nutrient for eye health. Olive oil is also rich in vitamin A, so start drinking some carrot juice and make sure to put a few extra drops of olive oil in your next salad dressing.

7. Eye rinsing

Rinse out your eyes with warm water once in a while. Staring at screens for too long can make your eyes dry and sore. A quick rinse offers relief.

8.  Accommodation

Training your eyes to make the switch between sharp and blurry images can also help to improve vision.

Rotate your eyes in a clockwise direction. When you've done that a few times, switch to rotating them in a counter-clockwise direction.

Another exercise is to put your right hand over your right eye and extend your left hand slowly outwards. Focus on a point on the palm of your left hand and move the hand outwards and towards you slowly. Repeat with the left eye and left hand.