Just like the real thing

Mother's Day has come and gone and it's a safe bet that florists all over the world did some pretty good business. A colorful bouqet of blooms is a classic gift and can brighten up anyone's day, but unfortunately the effect doesn't last. A week or two in the vase and those flowers start to droop and turn brown... oh well, it was nice while it lasted. But here's a trick that will keep that flowery feeling alive permanently...

You'll need:

24 squares of fabric in 2 colors (8 in one color, 16 in the other)tweezersscissorsa candlehot glue guna button or pompom

Here's how:

Fold a square of fabric twice so that it becomes a small triangle. Hold it between your fingers and fold a second and third piece in the same way.

YouTube/Kulikova Anastasia

Slide the folded fabric triangles into one another like this...

YouTube/Kulikova Anastasia

Fold the two points of the long sides together.

YouTube/Kulikova Anastasia

Grip the resulting flower at the point with your tweezers. Cut off the point and seal the edges by holding them  over a flame very briefly.

YouTube/Kulikova Anastasia

Now make seven more leaves using the same procedure. Use the hot glue gun to glue them together in a circle to make a complete flower.