She had no idea

Anna and Terry are a couple from Australia. After dating for just over a year, Terry decided to give Anna a special gift. It didn't seemed like much at the time — a simple wooden necklace — but Anna was thrilled. She had no idea that this piece of jewelry would end up changing her life forever.

For several months, Anna wore the necklace that Terry hand handcrafted himself. She was completely oblivious to the surprise it contained.

Here are some more photos of the couple and the romantic gift that held such a big surprise...

The only thing that appeared to be unusual was the type of wood it was made of. It was Lagarostrobos franklinii, a type of tree unique to the island of Tasmania.

A year and a half later, Anna and Terry decided to take a trip to Scotland and, while they were there, they went for a tour of a large cave called "Smoo," which means "Hiding Place" in Old Norse. In front of the cave, Terry suddenly kneeled down and asked Anna to take off the necklace so they could take a photo. Then he pulled out a knife and used it to break open the wooden pendant on the necklace. He then gave it back to Anna, who took it in her shaking hands.

She was nearly speechless, but she did manage to say "yes" — after seeing the engagement ring hidden in the pendant, the question was clear to her. At first Anna was too stunned to move, but as she realized what had happened, she flipped out with excitement. She had been wearing Terry's proposal around her neck for months!

"Wait… it’s been in there the entire time?!! I could have lost it you f***ing idiot!!" she exclaimed. As for the wedding, it looks like it's going to be a long engagement. The couple are saving to buy a house and want to do that first so they can have the ceremony in their own backyard. They're not planning a big wedding, but after such a unique proposal, Anna is fine with that.

As far as creative proposals go, this one is definitely one of the more romantic ones. Maybe it'll inspire some others to come up with even more unique ways of popping the big question!