Incredible design

When lying in bed, have you ever found yourself staring at the walls thinking that an extra decorative touch would improve the room? Well, now you can make the wall itself the decorative centerpiece!

Two women from Australia have come up with an amazingly simple trick to transform a room into a fantastically designed living space.

You can find out more about this painting design tip in the video:

You'll need:

painter's tape
wall paint in two or three different colors

Here's how:

Before starting any painting work, the wall must be cleaned so that it is free of any particles or dirt.

If you don't want the wall's current color as the base, you can now paint the entire wall in a color of your choosing.

Once that's done, let your imagination run wild and stick strips of tape in the pattern you want.

You can then paint the individual pieces of the puzzle in the color you want and in the order you want.

Be careful not to paint beyond the tape, it acts as the separator between each piece of the puzzle.

There you go! People will now think that your room has the classy touch of a famous designer!

You can play around with different shapes as in the following picture. Very simple, but just as pretty:

What a great little idea for DIY decorating this summer – you can even use the same method in a child's bedroom or in the living room. We love it!