Good to know

Millions of women and men suffer from hair loss, brittle nails and/or insomnia. These kinds of problems have become the norm for many sufferers who often resort to expensive remedies from the drugstore that usually do little to help.


However, there is no need to despair as the cause for these symptoms can often be attributed to  a lack of certain nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins. If you are particularly fond of readymade meals, fast food or candy, and rarely eat fruit or vegetables, you should probably pay attention to the following nutritional advice for combatting hair loss and any other similar conditions.

1. Vitamin H (biotin) for hair loss and brittle nails

A lack of biotin may be the cause for your increasing hair loss. Biotin ensures that dandruff scale on the hair shaft remains stable and firm. As well as  preventing splint ends, this can also keep your hair looking shiny and full. As an anti-inflammatory, biotin also prevents irritation to the roots and scalp. Brittle nails grow back strong and healthy after biotin levels have been brought up  to sufficient levels. Biotin can be found in whole grain products, milk, egg yolk, liver, kidneys, oatmeal, and nuts.

2. Iron for hair loss, sleeping problems and thin nails

Women suffer particularly frequently from a lack of iron, since they often eat little meat (a very important source of iron) and lose an increased amount of iron during their period. However, iron is essential for providing cells with enough oxygen. This means that iron – as a component of the blood pigment hemoglobin – is an important energy source, so insufficient levels may lead to symptoms such as a lack of concentration, hair loss, splintered fingernails, cracks at the corners of the mouth, and sleeping problems.  

Iron is particularly abundant in meat, fish, legumes, pumpkin seeds, lentils, soya beans, and milo. Since vitamin  C helps the body to absorb iron by transporting it to the red blood cells, it is recommended that you have a glass of orange juice, some fruit of your choice (citrus fruits are preferable) or cabbage with a meal rich in iron. These types of food are particularly rich in vitamin C.  

3. Zinc for hair loss and brittle fingernails