A big heart

Russ Gremel has been more than happy to lead a simple existence throughout his long life. But for more than 70 years, the astute retiree has been keeping an astonishing secret from everyone he knows.

Despite coming from a poor family, the American veteran is now a multi-millionaire! It all began when his brother suggested he buy stock in the "Walgreens" drugstore chain 70 years ago. It's proven to be smart sibling advice, based on the fact that people will always need medicine, make-up, and household items.

Watch the following video to find out more about the secret millionaire:

Back then, Russ invested a sum worth around $1,000 today in Walgreens' stock. Over the years, he looked on as the drugstore chain (and his investment) enjoyed an unrelenting rise on the stock exchange until his shares were worth $2 million. Content leading a modest lifestyle, Russ never touched any of the money himself and told no one about the fortune he had acquired. Now aged 98, he's surprised everyone with an incredible gesture.

Believing that every person should do something good, he put his money towards founding a 395-acre national park. He chose this worthy cause because he wants children to "enjoy being around nature" like he used to in his younger years. In his view, money is for creating something that will last and make our planet a better place.

After this extremely generous donation, no one would begrudge Russ allowing himself one little treat: an adopted Chihuahua! As you can see, the adorable pup has quickly taken to his big-hearted owner and the two have become the best of friends.

With a huge heart, Russ is anything but the stereotypical grouchy old millionaire. He knows how to make people happy and has used his money for the benefit of future generations. What a guy!