Get them out of the house

Outdoors, there's no doubt that ants are useful creatures, but indoors they are most definitely out of place. Should these creepy crawlies ever invade your home, then the following 10 tips could help you drive them out — without  calling pest control or resorting to chemicals.


1.  Lemon juice

Lemon juice is one of the most effective substances for scaring ants away. The pungent smell disturbs the sensitive sense organs of the ants to such an extent, that they can no longer communicate with each through scents and no longer rediscover their  "paths", which they also mark out with pheromones.

Either place fresh lemon juice on a cloth and wipe it over places with ant infestations, or mix lemon juice and water in a spray bottle and spray the mixture in areas where the ants are found.


2.  Cucumber peeling

The fact that ants  bolt at the sight of cucumbers is either down to the smell of the green vegetable or — what's more likely — due to a substance in the skin, that protects the plant from pest infestation and, accordingly, can be poisonous to ants. Whatever the reason, you only need to lay out a few pieces of cucumber peel in order to scare the ants away.

Julija Sapic/shutterstock

3.  Essential oils

Most of the methods listed here are based on the principle of dispersing the ants with the help of strong odors — essential oils such as bayleaf, clove of tea tree oil are naturally,  perfectly suited to this. Either apply the essential oil of your choice, diluted, to the floor tiles or soak cotton balls in the oil and place them at  the infested sites.


4.  Cinnamon

Diluted cinnamon essential oil can be applied with a  cotton swab or a cloth to the places where the ants show up. Alternatively, you can mix  a little over five  quarts of water with two tablespoons of cinnamon and a clove in a spray bottle and spray the mixture over the necessary places.

Of course, you can also leave out pure cinnamon, but if you do, take care that your dog or cat doesn't nibble at it, as this can be harmful for them.