Like mother, like daughter

It's common for many teenagers to be ashamed of their parents. However, embarrassed teens should spare a thought for long-suffering Jane Horrocks, a 36-year-old from England.

Jane's 57-year-old mother Janet got divorced in 2001. At that time, she felt ready to start a new life free from the shackles of an unhappy marriage. Yet there was something that wasn't quite fitting in with her new-found feeling of freedom: her appearance.

Watch the following video to find out more about Janet's transformation:

Janet hated looking at herself in the mirror and seeing that her once youthful looks had disappeared. Now approaching 60, her body looked completely different from how she wanted it to be. At the same time, she saw how her daughter was in the prime of her youth. This is when she decided that she wanted to look exactly like her; she wanted people to think that they were sisters. This is a photo of Jane, everything Janet aspired to be:

Since making this her life's goal, she has had various surgeries, lost weight, and copied her daughter's haircut by styling and dying her hair in the same way. "I based my transformation on my daughter, because she's beautiful, I created her and I wanted her look," Janet said. As well as losing 35 lbs, she has had two breast augmentation surgeries, a nose job, operations on her eyes, and implants on her teeth to hide any damage.

However, Jane was uncomfortable with her mother being obsessed with looking like her. "When I first found out that my mom wanted to base herself on me, I was terrified. I was not impressed. I didn't want my mom to look like me. I didn't want people to think that she was my sister; I wanted them to know that she was my mom,” Jane said. Despite her daughter's reservations, Janet wasn't going to be dissuaded: "To be honest, I don't care what she thinks, because I'm still gonna copy her anyway." This is what Janet looks like after her transformation:

"Mom doesn't take my feelings into consideration," Jane complained. Her mother's determination certainly knows no bounds, not even when it comes to money — Janet has already spent a cool $58,000 on the various surgeries and treatments!

"When people mistake Jane and I as sisters, I feel great about myself. I feel on top of the world. And it makes me think that all the money I spent, it was well worth every penny," Janet said proudly.