Waiting for the end

Dogs are supposed to be a man's best friend. However, it's becoming an increasingly common sight to see dogs living in the most disgraceful of conditions. This was how Helen the dog was found by volunteers from the Animal Aid Unlimited organization on the streets of India.

One look at her is enough to break your heart.

What a great dog! Watch the following video to see how Helen was saved from the street:

Helen was too weak to even stand, let alone run away. All she could do was lie there and look up in fear at the animal protection workers approaching her. Having clearly gone through a hard time, there was no way of Helen knowing that these people only wanted the best for her.

To gain Helen's trust, the voluntary workers gave her some dog snacks which she gratefully accepted. She soon let them stroke her.

The full extent of her suffering soon became clear — the pooch was terribly malnourished and in a desperate state; her entire body was covered in painful abscesses and wounds.

After wrapping Helen in a blanket, the volunteers took her to an animal clinic. At this point, Helen may have felt her fate taking a turn for the better.

At the clinic, the poor creature could enjoy a proper meal — probably the first she'd had in a long time. She hungrily chowed down everything.

After feeding, treatment began on her wounds. The ointment soothed the pain and ensured that the infected injuries would finally start healing.

Helen was well looked after. Once cleaned up and after a few more feedings, you could finally see the true fighter in her and appreciate what a truly elegant hound Helen was.

Though she didn't come away unscathed from her ordeal, she proudly wore the scars of a tough life.

Wow, what a difference! Taking a look at Helen today, it's hard to believe that the happy doggie running around the enclosure is the same suffering pooch from not all too long ago.

Thankfully, the volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited believed in Helen and refused to give up on her. Today, she's in good hands and can finally enjoy living a dignified life. Without the help from the volunteers, Helen's fate would've been an entirely different story.