Orcas are at the top of the food chain as they don't have any natural predators in the ocean. Actually, they are falsely referred to as "killer whales" when, in fact, the name that the Spanish whalers gave them in 18th century was "whale killers. " But, like all living things, they can sometimes find themselves in situations where they are completely helpless and rely solely on the help of others to be rescued.

On the shores of Hartley Bay, in northern British Columbia, Canada, a baby killer whale chased after what would be its next prey, when it got stuck among some sharp rocks. This happened while it was swimming too closely to the shore. Little by little, the tide began to get lower, which meant it wasn't getting enough water. And to make matters worse, the sun was shining directly on its skin. If it remained this way for several hours, it would die from dehydration.

In this video you can see more images from the rescue. It's heartbreaking listening to the cries of the poor orca at 0:19.

In a desperate attempt to ask for help, the poor orca began to cry. This fortunately attracted the attention of locals who lived close by and without hesitating, they immediately came to the rescue of the ill-fated whale. Noticing that the sun could burn its skin, the rescuers quickly covered it with blankets soaked in sea water — to help keep it hydrated.

"At first she was stressed. You could feel her breathing was getting a little faster but after a little while, I think she knew that we there to help her," said rescuer George Fisher when commenting on the situation. They could not move it because it would suffer injuries from the sharp rocks. So, they had no choice but to wait for the tide to rise again.

And for eight long hours, they waited patiently. Finally, the tide rose and the orca was able to escape its trap almost unharmed. As it swam back into the ocean, the rescuers waved goodbye to it, pleased with their efforts that had given the orca a second chance. Hopefully, it has learned from its mistakes and will no longer swim so close to the shore again.

Thanks go out to the rescuers who came just in the nick of time.