If you don’t know…now you know! The pygmy jerboa is the world’s smallest rodent.

They’re mostly found in Pakistan, and they like living in deserts.

Seriously, does it get any cuter than this little guy?

This little rodent species has been recorded from Pakistan and may occur in Afghanistan. It frequents sand dunes, gravel flats and plains in hot deserts.

These nocturnal jerboas move through its dry desert habitat in long hops, balancing with the tail. They live in burrows generally excavated under small bushes. They feed on wind blown seeds and succulent leaves of desert-adapted vegetation; food is raised to the mouth using the hands. They undergo a diurnal rhythm of physiological dormancy, when their bodily functions, including respiration and blood circulation, slow down dramatically. This is known as facultative hypothermia and enables the species to survive on a diet of low nutritional value. Two to four young, blind and naked at birth, are born in the spring and summer months. No more than 2 litters a year are normally produced.