Lamborghini with hidden paint

Rene Turrek is a German-born graffiti artist that is turning heads with his uniquely colorful car creations. He posted a video to his Facebook page that unveiled a Lamborghini Gallardo that he painted with thermochromic paint.

The special paint, which can be engineered to change pigment with temperature change, reveals a spectacular Captain America mural which is activated when it comes in contact with water.

The car, which Turrek has titled "The First Avenger," is not the artist's first foray into either the thermochromic painting of high-end vehicles, nor getting inspiration from the Marvel Comics movie franchise The Avengers. A video was posted to YouTube showing a BMW X6 that Turrek turned into The Incredible Hulk the moment it was touched with warm water. To date, that video has amassed over 2 million views.

One of the comments the artist frequently gets is whether or not the car changes color in the rain. The claim is that warm water will change the color of the car, but the Lamborghini is shown turning into Captain America and then turning back to purple with what we can presume are different temperatures of water.

While some people buy high-end cars strictly for luxury and performance purposes, others might like them for nothing more than to be noticed. Regardless of why someone desires a luxury vehicle, it's undeniable that Turrek has put his own special twist on the perception of what it means to be eye-catching.