Micro-pigs have been dubbed the world’s most adorable new pet! Celebrities like the Beckhams even own one.

Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter adopted a pygmy piglet rather than a puppy or a kitten…But, two years later it turns out that their ‘tiny’ purchase was actually a big one. Esther the pig weighs 667lbs because she is actually a conventional pig.

Rather than be upset, the family fell so in love with Esther that they changed the way they lived completely. Check out their story below:

When they adopted Esther, he weighed in at just 3 pounds.

Now she weighs in at over a quarter of a ton! She eats so much food!

She’s even made some new friends. Her parents soon realized that she was extremely intelligent!

Soon after, they raised $4440,250 on Indiegogo to started up their own animal sanctuary and of course they adopted a vegan lifestyle

And could maybe crush you if she rolled on you by accident…

But one thing’s for sure, Esther is a solid part of the family!