How could u dislike this?

TD Bank set up a fake ATM machine that dispensed special gifts to their customers that were dear to their hearts.

Watch the video to see what amazing gifts these customers received and their reactions to these splendid acts of kindness.

Some comments to video;

how did the bank know these exact people would be coming to use their ATM that day? i think this was a commercial to help promote their business because no one calls a bank and says, "hey I'm gonna stop by the ATM today to withdraw some cash." lol And also have time to have a celebrity be there THE MOMENT that FAN comes to the bank - oh i know how! Because celebs live in the bank obviously. How else are they so damn rich? lol

A lot of you (not all of you, thankfully) are so hurt by this video. Just appreciate the kindness, giving and thankfulness in this video, won't you? Like, the mother finally being able to take her kids out to somewhere special, or the other mother being able to visit her daughter who has cancer and had an operation. Stop being so damn serious and lighten up. (EDIT: I think there are many people that thought I took this video so carefully in terms of the banking/money side. I didn't even think if this video was genuinely real or not, I just focused on the message of it. I also didn't focus on the bank part, just the message of this video. What's so hard to understand? Let's all be more compassionate to one another and send out gifts to our loved ones, and be thankful for what we have or receive. Our loved ones won't be around for long, it's always best to make the most of it, and do whatever you can.)

This is the best consumer engagement activity i have ever seen in my life. I am not familiar with this company, but i have to say that they have a killer marketing team. If any employer is ready to put so much effort for his consumers, i can imagine what is going to do for his employees. TNX I enjoyed watching this video.