What is sand art hair? It’s called that because it resembles sand art…

This new way of coloring hair is going super viral amongst woman and consists of a combination of ombre and “rainbow” hair. The final result is a variety of colors that spill over each other (Like sand).

Stylist Rebecca Taylor presented this new hair style which is basically a combination of strong colors mixed in ombre shades. The final effect is amazing and exciting!

This isn't your typical hair convention, but more of a networking party that even comes with its own red carpet. There will be cocktail hour and sushi as well as a meet-and-greet with other people in the industry. Afterwards, a two-hour presentation will showcase a live hair demonstration.

"We make education really fun, but we also make it very accessible and affordable for hairstylist," said Taylor.

BTC: How do you approach a big color change or color correction?

Rebecca: Under-promise and over-deliver. Let’s say that fire engine redhead wants to be green. I’ll first encourage her to allow the red color to fade as much as possible after the initial service, with lots of deep conditioning in the interim. Then I will start the lightening process, using low volume and a gentle crème lightener. In most cases, if I’m diligent and cautious, I can get the look they want in two to three appointments. I don’t sugarcoat anything—I want them to know exactly what to expect.

BTC: Are you a mentor for hairdressers?

Rebecca: I try to be as much as possible. In my classes, I present two models—a vivid and a natural. That’s the technical portion. The rest of the focus is on social media, how to build your business, etc. Stylists write to me all the time asking how I created my brand, looking for advice. Any time I have a moment, I love helping fellow stylists. It makes me so happy when I can make an impact on someone—big or small.

BTC: How has social media boosted your business?

Rebecca: Up until recently, unless you aligned yourself with a manufacturer, there really wasn’t a way to get your work out there. Social media has allowed me to expand across many platforms and be independent. Guy introduced me to Instagram two years ago, and I started posting pictures, but I wasn’t developing my brand the right way. My page wasn’t hair-centric. With some mentoring from Guy, I was able to properly brand myself. It allowed me to create my own, independent education company. If you want to take social media seriously and grow your business, you absolutely have to find a way to brand yourself. Don’t try and emulate someone else. Pink once said, “Imitation isn’t the highest form of flattery, it’s just annoying.” I try hard not to copy anything I see.