It was a small step but a huge feat for 4-year-old Gavin Stevens, who is blind.

Gavin, of Eastvale, Calif., conquers the curb, using a cane and stepping off the sidewalk all by himself for his first time.

Gavin broke ritual that day: Normally after preschool, his mother holds his hand and guides him down the curb.

“No, I’ll do it,” he suddenly told his mom.

Mom Jennifer Stevens, 37, pulled out her phone to capture the anticipated moment on video. Since Gavin can’t see pictures, his mom keeps his memories in videos, which he can hear.

The video shows Gavin timidly walking to the curb with his little white cane, drumming up his courage by repeating, “I can do it.”

“You can do it, baby. Go ahead,” encourages his mom.

Inching his way to the curb, tapping his cane, Gavin steps down onto the pavement.

“Good job!” his mom cheers.