These cute puppies figured out a clever way to raise money for dogs in need.

They're left to wander the streets, with nowhere to go, no one to care for them, facing a future that's far frombright. Shelters do their best to save these dogs, but it's a big job to find homes for all of them. That's why we launched the PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive to raise awareness of the problem, and to make a difference, one beautiful, lovable, loyal dog at a time.

Since 2009, the Adoption Drive campaigns have been a barking success, and it's all thanks to you New Zealand. We raised awareness, we raised money and we found loving homes for so many deserving dogs. But the journey's not over, many more homeless dogs need our help.

Each year, all year long, every time you bought a PEDIGREE® product we made a donation on your behalf to The Pedigree Adoption Drive Trust. Overall, with your help (either by buying PEDIGREE or by making a donation) we have now raised over $373, 050 .These monies have been shared out among various shelters and charities around the country:

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